In metal protection
Corrosion Control and Electroplating of Metal

1. Phytic acid has good corrosion resistance for its strength metal-complex potential energy. phytic acid
coating on metal and alloy surface not only has good corrosion inhibiting, but also improves its organic bonding. It is more effective comparing with other metallic surface treated by chromic acid.
2. Galvanizing Liquid added phytic acid is non-poisonous, and can be easily controlled. Phytic acid let electrode position homogeneous, appearance good and forms anticorrosion organic protection course.
An environment-friendly chemical conversion coating for Mg–Li alloy was obtained by using a phytic acid solution. The influencing factors of phytic acid conversion coating were discussed through orthogonal experiments, and the optimum processing parameters were confirmed. Then morphology, composition, the forming process and corrosion resistance of the coating were investigated. Analysis by SEM showed that the phytic acid conversion coating was a uniform coating with white flower-like deposit. EDS and FT-IR images displayed that the conversion coating consisted of Mg, Al, O, P and C, the main composition of the coating was the chelate compounds of phytic acid and Mg2+ or Al3+. Analysis of open circuit potential (OCP) evolution illustrated that 600 s was a sufficient forming time for the conversion coating. The results of electrochemical potentiodynamic polarization and hydrogen evolution measurement indicated that the phytic acid conversion coating provided effective protection to the substrate of Mg–Li alloy.



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