In other applications
In textile industry
In the textile industry, phytic acid relative products can be used as anti-wrinkle catalyst for textile, prevent the fiber from static electricity and act as flame retardant for cotton, silk products.


In plastic industry
In the polymer, the phytic acid can be used as catalytic curing to prevent blocking of polymers. Due to its anti static electricity effect, phytic acid can improve the transparency of polymers. For example, in the producing of polyurethane resin, adding small amount of phytic acid can accelerate the curing speed and then improve the product quality.
Be used as preservatives, phytic acid can be added in the packing materials to prevent the corrosion of packing materials.


In other applications

Congesting of rare Earth Elements
Taking advantage of strong affinity of phytic acid with metallic ion and it squantitative precipitation in
basic solution, heating rare earth elements and concentrated hydrochloric acid, rare earth elements
can be dissociated and then adding phytic acid in it , rare earth elements can be precipitated and recovered.

Explosion-proof Agent of Fuel Oil
4 degree ammonium salt of phytic acid can increase electric conductivity of variety fuel oils, which
boiling point is from 25 to 400℃ So it can prevent explosion caused by electric-charge accumulated
discharging. Phytic acid can be used as explosion-proof agent of high-degree fuel oil e.g, aviation.
fuel oil , the adding amount is 0.001-0.005%.

Because of its big molecular weight, phytic acid can be used as precipitating agent to extract some rare metals as germanium, gallium etc. it can also replace some replace some toxicity higher anti-oxidant in rubber industry.
Small amount of phytic acid can keep the resin stability to the light and heat for a long time, prevent degrading effectively.
Using phytic acid to treat ceramic glaze, it can reduce the probability of the lead poisoning; In addition, phytic acid can make H2O2 stabilizer.
Phytic acid can accelerate fermentation of gentamycin and amino glycoside antibiotics, and raise output by adding phytic acid, Phytic acid added in medium of lactic acid bacteria can promote its growing.



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